Sunday, 22 March 2015

Breaking News! FREE LOVE!

This Wednesday, March 25th we will be giving away the new album track "Sandansko Horo" as a pre-release free download! All we ask of you in return is to give it a listen, and if you like it, embed it, pass it on and tell the world! And if you're really feeling the love, by all means get down to our album release party on April 26th where you can hear it played live and buy the CD! And if you want to get all Neil Young about it, mark May 2nd in your diary, when you'll be able to buy and download the entire album in beautiful lossless 24-bit format!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Double BOOM! Album Trailer!

News!! The FU-CHING-GIDO Debut Album teaser trailer is here! Directed by FU-CHING-GIDO and featuring photography by Watanabe Mitsunori. Turn it up loud and enjoy us, in EXTREME CLOSE-UP!!


Thursday, 12 March 2015

BOOM! Gig flyer is here!

The run up to our album launch has been getting crazy! We're so happy and proud to self-release, and it means we can do things the way we want, but it also means our to-do lists are getting longer by the day. Glad to say we're still just about on top of it all, and we really can't wait to share this album with you!
Here's our new flyer. The paper version came back from the printers this morning, and it's looking good! Time to get out there and distribute! Please keep an eye out, both here and on our twitter feeds for more exciting promotions coming up in the very near future! And please come and join our celebration on April 26th, if you can! And remember that buying a ticket in advance will save you the price of a beer! And if you can't get to Shibuya, we'll be accepting mail orders from May 2nd!